The LOL Before the Storm

Allow me to introduce myself. The name is Finn. I'm a real cool dude with a groovy 'tude. My last major obsession was Andromeda, but I'm currently between fandoms and looking for one to call home. A close contender is Teen Wolf. If you have any questions throw them in my Ask box and I'll get back to you.


"Trust in the Harper. The Harper is good."


Teen Wolf S3a Gag Reel (DVD) (Attempt 2 :PPPPPPPP)

Copyright is a b*tch isn’t it? lol I just love this too much, and reeeeeally want to share it. We’ll see how long this stays up. :P

"Hey Yo" - Multifandom

The last 3 fanvid ideas I had were angsty so obviously this is the outcome. Prepare to be un-angst’d.




This is the same man.

I think about this a lot.

Marvel law: all actors named Chris are transformed into beef cake sex gods the moment they sign the contract. it just happens. poof. marvel magic.

A GIF Meme because I was BORED okay?

First gif in your folder represents who you are:


Pretty much.

The ninth is how you feel today:


If by that you mean sexy-fine…

The seventh is your taste in music:


"Lack" of taste.

The fourth is your relationship with your friends:



The seventeenth describes your love life:


Oh Gus. How is it that you’ve become the appropriate representation of my love life?

The third is something about you not many people know:


Oh yes. We Pisces can really bottle that sh*t up.

The fifteenth is how you act when you’re alone:


Accurate graphic representation is accurate.

The twentieth is how tomorrow will go for you:


It’s lookin’ good to me!

The eleventh is how your life will be:


A facepalm. Superb.

The thirteenth is how people see you:


People are very perceptive.

The sixth is how you will spend your last day on earth:


I need to stock up on baseball merch.

The second is how you act around the person you’re attracted to:



The tenth is how your gender sees you:



The sixteenth is how the opposite gender sees you:


I am Chad. I have a special delivery for you.

The nineteenth is you at your happiest:

Still socially awkward. Bless.

Had the weirdest dream that I was in Coach’s class and he spent the entire period showing us all the things we weren’t supposed to do in class by taking selfies and making vids of himself planking on desks….


i just made this stiles/nogitsune video and i’m rly proud of it for once so im just gonna leave it here ok ok ok haha bye

This Is Your Heart - [Defiance] Irisa

Suddenly inspired to vid for Irisa. Longing for season 2.

Werelulz2 - [Teen Wolf] Crack

The obligatory follow-up to that super angsty Stiles vid I shared a week ago.

If You Close Your Eyes - [Teen Wolf] Stiles

Song: Pompeii
Artist: Bastille
Footage: 1x01 - 3x17 + Promos

[WATCH IN HD!!] I wanted to vid for Stiles and this is what I did. Hoping and praying he survives the season because I love him leik woah!!!!11

"Had It All" - Misfits

I made this a long while ago but I couldn’t remember if I’d ever shared it here. Sooo here ya go! Old school Misfits - Back in yonder “Nathan Days”.

Sweet Surrender - [Farscape] Aeryn/John

[Watch in HD!] When I think “epic romance”, the first television pairing that comes to mind is that of Aeryn and John. Their love was so unbelievably real, I get emotional just thinking of them. I always wanted to vid for them, and this is my first real chance to do that. Using one of my favorite songs for one of my favorite couples is just what my holiday season needed, and I’d like to dedicate this to my best friend who introduced me to the show ages ago. Thank you, Liezl - and Happy Holidays!